The  Guys & Girls at Vintage Kick Ons got tired of wearing and buying the same clothes every day.

We decided that something needed to be done about that!

That’s where Vintage Kick Ons comes in!

 Offering something for everyone we’re sure you’ll find whay you desire while shopping the newest and sickest threads.

We wanted to lead the charge towards unique fashionanable prints whilst keeping enviromentally and socially responsible offering everyone the chance to enhance their wardrobe responsibly with amazing prints and comfortable threads to kick on in at kick ons.

We wanted to create a convenient and inspiring online store based in Australia where were able to best serve Aussies and New Zealenders and make them feel comfortable being who they are.

Shopping should be easy and relevant regardless of where, when and what customers chose to buy!

 This is our belief and we know you feel the same way! So we got busy crafting high quality prints and work closely with the award winning Print Bar team to ensure your Vintage Kick on Prints are Prints that last; no matter what they’re printed on!

You know what they say, great ideas always take hard work; well we see Vintage Kick Ons as a huge opportunity to offer responsible clothing options to the community and your warddrobe!  Turns out we were right; its hard work keeping up with demand!

 Everyone wants the unique VKO prints on our Quality Tee’s, Crops, Jumpers and More!

Being style-savvy, creative, and forward-thinking individuals with big dreams to make Vintage Kick Ons the go to supplier of Great Prints and threads, We strive to create bigger, create Bolder & Create more often; to create a Bigger, Bolder, Better shopping experience for Aussies and New Zealenders who tend to get left out online!

So  whatever gets you kicking, you can find prints  that are inspired by vintage images and pop culture; you can get the art you love on top quality products all in one place, With over 270 products and counting we have enough options to stock your wardrobe, your kitchen and even your living room depending on where your kicking on.

Personal, original, and high quality? It’s a win-win-win. We’ll even create a unique one off print if you can’t find what your looking for!

It's simple we make badass clothes for badass people! Whichever you rather!

Yeah, we understand that everyone needs a black t-shirt; in 1999 but now you have the chance to be you and step out of the dark- Vintage Kick Ons has made something quirky, unique, and out of bounds that everyone will love!

 We aren’t shy about offering up some unique clothing here at Vintage Kick Ons, so check out our cool and unusual clothing and find what calls to you! Being the funky girls & guys, we are’ there is something for everyone!

We make great design accessible to everybody and want to lead the way towards a more inclusive and sustainable world which offers quality vintage kick on prints.

Because Our designs are printed here in Australia by the award-winning print bar team, we can get your order to you in time for next weekend's kick ons. Convenient right? Well we totally understand that convenience with your new threads is important – so we strive our best to ensure the customer is always happy and receives their desired items as soon as possible. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be rocking their new wardrobe ASAP!  

It's important to us that you standout at your next kick ons, so if you haven't seen quite what you're looking for; shoot us an email describing a design and our team will come up with something that matches what you're after no matter what the design may be. Don’t be afraid!

 we believe that the best cultures are fun, infectious, electric, ambitious and tenacious- our products are the same!

 Vintage Kick Ons, is for the love of fashion, vintage and unique style- believing in empowering individuality each and every day. Our mission is to be the clothing platform for luxury fashion, while allowing everyone to have something they desire and rock out at the same time. We are passionate to provide quality, vintage, trendy and on time clothing at an affordable price.


Keep on kicking on!

Vintage Kick Ons Team.

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